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Molecular Nanotour Symposium 2022

03-05 October 2022
Registration Deadline is: 
31st August 2022


4th of October

Keynote Speakers

Abstract Submission


Anne Staubitz


Upendra K. Sharma


Sebastian Beil


Michael Lerch

For submitting abstracts for contributions (poster or oral presentations) please download the abstract document. Follow the instructions in this document.



The deadline for abstract submission is the 31st of August 2022.

Group leaders decide who will give an oral presentation. You either give an oral presentation or present a poster, not both. Oral presentations of group members have an overall time slot of 20 minutes. To allow for a discussion (5 minutes) you should plan for a 15-minute presentation.


For any questions regarding abstracts or presentations feel free to contact us ( 

Symposium schedule

8.45         Registration at KU Leuven

9.00        Opening of the Symposium (Prof. Steven de Feyter (KUL) and Prof. Ben Feringa (RUG))

9.15         A Story of a Successful Collaboration - Robby Reynaerts (KUL) and Cosima Stähler (RUG)

                    Imaging the Self-Assembly of Molecular Switches on Surfaces

Session 1 - Chair: Prof. Steven de Feyter

9.45           Daisy Pooler (RUG)

 Light-Driven Rotary Molecular Motors Based on Oxindole

10.05         Brent Daelemans (KUL)

 Synthesis and characterization of covalently bound N-heterocyclic carbenes on graphite for

 bulk catalysis

10.25         Vanda Dašková (RUG)

 Self-Resolving α-Ureidophosphonates and their Organocatalytic Enantioselective Synthesis

10.45         Coffee Break 

Session 2 - Chair: Prof. Wim Dehaen

11.00         Tamara Rinkovec (KUL)

 Exploring the fundamentals of the formation of self-assembled molecular networks at the 

 liquid-solid interface: a case study on isophthalic acids

11.20         Albert Schulte (RUG)

 A Strategy for Engineering High Photolysis Efficiency of Photocleavable Protecting Groups

 Through Cation Stabilization

11.40         Chao Liu (KUL)

 Transition metal-free selective C-S bond cleavage of Ugi-adducts for rapid preparation of


12.00         Lunch

Keynote Lecture - Chair: Michael Lerch 

13.20         Prof. Anne Staubitz  

 The Importance of 3D structure in Light Switchable Materials

Session 3 - Chair: Sebastian Beil

14.05         Joachim Demaerel (KUL)

 Ex situ generation of fluorinated gases as Sulfur(VI)–Fluoride Exchange (SuFEx) connectors

14.25         Qi Zhang (RUG)

 The road to intrinsically dynamic materials: disulfide chemistry as a solution

14.45         Coffee Break 

15.00         Poster Session

Session 4 - Chair: Prof. Ben Feringa

16.00         Sebastian Beil (RUG)

 Electroorganic Oxidation Reactions for Cyclic Structures

16.25         Michael Lerch (RUG)

 Towards a chemical operating system for soft robots

16.50         Upendra Sharma (KUL)

 Shedding New Light on Boron-Centered Radical Chemistry

17.30          Merck Poster Prize Announcement and Closing of the Symposium

Transfer to Symposium Dinner

19.00          Reception, Dinner & Drinks at Domus


Team Building Activities

Program Feringa trip

Programme Feringa Trip

Screenshot 2022-08-07 at 17.59_edited.png


5th of October
We offer you several options to choose from. 

Laser Tag


Glow in the Dark Golf

Compete in several rounds of exciting games of laser tag and declare a winner!

Enjoy your time with a classic game of bowling. Go for that strike!

Explore the magical world that is full of surprises during an 18-hole game. 

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