Molecular Nanotour Symposium 2019

07-10 October 2019


08 October

Keynote Speakers


Wiktor Szymanski


Peter Seeberger

Abstract Submission

For submitting abstracts for contributions (poster or oral presentations) please download the abstract document. Follow the instructions in this document. The deadline for abstract submission is the 20th of August 2019.

Group leaders decide who will give an oral presentation. You either give an oral presentation or present a poster, not both. Oral presentations of group members have an overall time slot of 20 minutes. To allow for questions you should plan for a 15-minute presentation.


For any questions regarding abstracts or presentations feel free to contact us ( 

Symposium schedule

8.45 a.m.     Coffee and Registration at TU Berlin

9.30 a.m.     Opening of the Symposium (Johannes Teichert, TU)

Session 1 - Chair: Johannes Teichert, TU

Opening Lecture:

9.35 a.m.   Wiktor Szymanski (UMCG)

 Towards theranostic applications of photopharmacology

9.55 a.m.   Kristin Klaue (HU)

 Developing Versatile Donor-Acceptor Dihydropyrene Photoswitches Operating Entirely with   Near-Infrared Light

10.15 a.m. Jana Volaric (RUG)

  Reversible Photocontrolled Nanopore Assembly of FraC (Fragaceatoxin C)

10.35 a.m.   Coffee Break with Posters

Session 2 - Chair: Wiktor Szymanski, UMCG

11.30 a.m. Lea Brechmann (TU)

 Under pressure – Generating Nucleophilic Hydrides from Hydrogen

11.50 a.m. Oliver Dumele (HU)

 Growth of Tubular and Chiral Covalent Organic Frameworks

12.10 p.m. Fan Xu (RUG)

 Photoresponsive Supramolecular Gels

12.40 p.m. Lunch

Session 3 - Chair: Oliver Dumele, HU

2.00 p.m.   Ruth Dorel (RUG)

 Stereodivergent Catalysis Using Molecular Motors

2.20 p.m.   Weiqiang Chen (TU)

 Metal-free Transfer Hydrohalogenation

2.40 p.m.   Yves Garmshausen (HU)

 Photochromic Properties of Tetracyanocyclopentadienyl Azo-Compounds

3.00 p.m.   Qian Wu (TU)

 Synthesis of Silylium Ions via the Protonation of Silanes

3.20 p.m.   Jaime Mateos Gil (RUG)

 Synthesis of allenes by Pd-catalysed organolithium cross-coupling

3.30 p.m.    Poster Session and drinks

Session 4 - Chair: Ben Feringa, RUG

5.00 p.m.   Peter Seeberger (Max-Planck Institute Potsdam)

 Preventing and Fighting Infectious Disease: Carbohydrate Vaccines and Continuous Production of 


5.45 p.m.   TCI Poster prize announcement, Closing of the Symposium (Ben Feringa and Johannes Teichert)

Transfer to Symposium Dinner

7.00 p.m.    Reception, Dinner & Drinks at Clärchen's Ballhaus


Team Building Activities

09 October
We offer you 3 options to choose from
Escape Room

Make teams and use your observing skills and brain to find a way out ! You have 60 minutes.... TIC TAC...

Laser Tag

Compete with other teams in the classical Laser Tag game ! 1h30 of fun and 5 rounds to declare a winner !

Boat Tour

Enjoy the center of Berlin from the water on this 1.5-hour boat cruise. 

Programme Feringa Trip

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